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Mimiland Main Image
Mimiland Main Image


“Through artistic reimagination, I transform objects I find in my daily lives into uniquely colorful jewelry that provide a new perspective of the possibilities of my craft. Mimiamo is another universe that encompasses our art, life and soul.”

Minsoo choi,<Untitled> 2005, Mixed media on canvas, 25X25”

Mimiamo tells a narrative of a woman who draws inspiration from art and the everyday objects around her. She finds beauty in herself and is excited to share that beauty with the world. Mimiamo was created with the same excitement, as a private journal recording our heroine’s journey to define self-love.

Mimiamo transforms daily art-based inspirations into nouveau objects using precious metal, diamonds and gemstones. Our unique art and video inspirations come to life as innovative and elevated pieces of jewelry. We work with the industry’s leading suppliers that adhere to our code of conduct and standards of quality. All of our jewelry are made with nickel-free and conflict-free metal and are sourced through suppliers that comply with environmental protection practices and international labor rights. Mimiamo is a member of the MJSA Council (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America), which is dedicated to premier jewelry making and professional excellence. Mimiamo’s mission is to bring creative ideas to reality through high-tech solutions and craftsmanship.